My Kid Could Do That, 2019

Cy Twombly, Treatise on the Veil (detail), 1968, Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany

18 Nov 2019

My Kid Could Do That

Looking at Twombly

I have this idea the work of Cy Twombly is most often the reason why flabbergasted art viewers might make use of the well known retort: My kid could do that. Is Cy Twombly an acquired taste? Are there pre-requisites to an appreciation of his work? Is his work like the album you listen and listen to and then suddenly, on the fourth or fifth or sixth listen, you hear it?

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The First Real Party Since the War, 2019

Historical marker at Sir John Everett Millais' home and studio in the 1860's and 1870's, 7 Cromwell Place, South Kensington, London. Photo by Martin Beek.

11 Oct 2019

The First Real Party Since the War

A Film Fantasy

Within a few days Anne [Dunn] and Michael [Wishart] were engaged...Their wedding displayed the extravagance of those accustomed to enjoying wealth without possessing it themselves. The party was held at the [Sir John Everett] Millais studio, where Francis [Bacon] painted his chandeliers crimson and his face a pale shade of pink.

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On Serious Grounds, 2019

Serious Grounds ⸱ pigment prints, plastic business card holders ⸱ 65 x 75 cm (25.59 x 29.53 in) ⸱ 2017

10 Sep 2019

On Serious Grounds

"Move along folks. Nothing to see here."

A few years ago, I began making a list of phrases that I kept hearing over and over again from U.S. politicians, elected officials and their spokespersons, phrases that were transmitted — you could even say replicated — through the numerous media channels whose hosts and publications echoed the phrasing in the daily, rolling dictation of current events: WikileaksblacksiterefugeeWMDdroneArabSpringsurveillanceterrorNSAdrownchemicaldigital…

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Moussa, 2019

Le Ciel (L'Étranger), pg.86 ⸱ book page, pigment print inlay ⸱ 11.8 x 18.5 cm (4.65 x 7.28 in) ⸱ 2014

24 Jun 2019


Son Bleu de Chauffe

… It wasn't until I read Kamel Daoud's book The Meursault Investigation a year or two later that I was able to feel a bit more comfortable with what I had done to Camus' book in 2014. The work was originally born out of an interest in combining word and image in a single gesture…

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04 Apr 2019


Three Quotes

"… I knew all these people who were working on kind of cutting edge technologies who also dressed like blacksmiths and they drank coffee in places filled with blackboards and kind of mid-century wooden furniture…"

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The Art Critic, 2019

The Art Critic, by Daniël Herbert van der Poll (1877-1963), 1927, Berko Fine Paintings, Knokke-Heist, Belgium,

30 Jan 2019 – 30 Jan 2019

The Art Critic

Failed as teacher and artist, I’ve decided to be a critic. An artwork is born through blood, sweat and tears but I only need a bit of art-gibberish…

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24 Nov 2018

Ryoji Ikeda, datamatics [ver.2.0]

I was able to see Ryoji Ikeda’s datamatics [ver.2.0] performance at Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam yesterday evening. In contrast to the exhibition of his work in the same building, the performance was an intense, violent affair…

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23 Nov 2018 – 23 Nov 2018

Ryoji Ikeda at Eye Film Museum

Stunning, delightful chaos. Warm, calming aural and visual baths of sound and data abstractions on all scales. A tribute to John Cage mixed in…

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Luis Camnitzer, 81 years-old today, 2018

Luis Camnitzer, Coca-Cola Bottle Filled with a Coca-Cola Bottle, 1973, Daros Latinamerica Collection, Zürich

06 Nov 2018 – 06 Nov 2018

Luis Camnitzer, 81 years-old today

Luis Camnitzer is 81 years old today. I came across an image of his work from 1973 titled “Coca-Cola Bottle Filled With a Coca-Cola Bottle” one day. It stopped me in my tracks. It was the first image of one of his works I had ever seen. First time I had heard his name…

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